Pharmacuetical cleaning

Eco Group Services provides professional cleaning for companies in the Medical and Pharmaceutical industries. We are ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 certified and adhere to strict guidelines to meet FDA approval. We work closely with our clients to ensure all requirements are met.

 We understand that pharmaceutical cleaning in a controlled environment is important and highly sensitive. Contamination can lead to downtime which can increase production costs. There can also be a negative effect to the end result of your product. We follow strict procedures for cleaning controlled environments.

 All equipment and supplies we use are specific for cleanroom environments and we can source products which are unique to your company. Our cleaning team are specifically trained for cleanroom environments. All staff are inducted and certified. Each site is regularly audited and a report is sent to our client. An area supervisor is assigned to each site to ensure high standards are maintained.

 We also provide on call services for emergencies

Our Cleanroom Cleaning Services include:

  • Cleanroom Environments
  • Daily Cleaning
  • Periodic Cleaning
  • Equipment Cleaning

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