School Cleaning

New term has started and school principals are busy preparing for the year ahead. The role of a school principal is now busier than ever. We aim to provide one less headache for principals by taking over the cleaning duties for your school. We provide professionally trained cleaning operatives and janitors, equipment, cleaning products and consumables. We look after rosters, payroll, garda vetting, staff holidays and relief staff.

How does it work?

A member of our sales team will arrange a meeting to walk the school with you. After discussing your requirements a detailed quotation is drawn up. We provide a cleaning specification for each area eg. classrooms, gym, washroom etc.

A start date is arranged. Cleaning products and equipment are delivered. Your appointed  area supervisor will introduce themselves to you and induct the staff onsite. The area supervisor will visit your school regularly during the first few weeks to ensure everything is running smoothly. After the settling in period the area supervisor will visit the site a minimum of once per month and you will be provided with an audit report. 

Our staff are our best asset and receive on going training to ensure the highest level of service. All staff wear the Eco Group uniform portraying a professional image at all times.

Please contact our sales office to schedule a meeting