School Caretaker


At Eco Group Services we have been providing schools with cleaning operatives, materials and equipment since the year 2000. You may not be aware that we also provide caretakers to complement this service. Our caretakers play a vital role in schools. They take responsibility for the maintenance and security of school buildings and can be a valuable addition to your school.

Peace of mind

From recruitment to holiday cover, we can take care of everything for you - We cover all the key areas, Human resources, Payroll, Training, Holiday cover, Operations support and Contract management. All of our caretakers are reference checked, garda vetted and receive certified training. Our personnel are


·        reliable, responsible and honest

·        practical and good with their hands

·        calm in a crisis

·        comfortable dealing with children and adults

·        competent in safe working practices and health and safety legislation

  • understand fire safety regulations, Health and Safety regulations, emergency procedures and evacuation procedures
  • ·        organised and efficient
  • ·        able to work on their own initiative
  • ·        flexible with regard to working hours
  • ·        confidential
  • ·        uniformed

The role of a caretaker can vary depending on the size of the school, but usually includes some or all of the following:

  • ·        building maintenance and repairs
  • ·        managing access to the school
  • ·        security
  • ·        cleaning or supervising cleaning
  • ·        storing equipment and supplies
  • ·        setting up rooms for meetings and events
  • ·        promoting health and safety in the school
  • ·        supervising external contractors
  • ·        overseeing cleaning staff
  • ·        replacing washroom consumables
  • ·        good DIY skills
  • ·        replacing light bulbs
  •         sports field maintenance and groundwork
  • ·        key holder: unlock the school in the morning and lock up in the evening
  • ·        remain on site to cover students afterschool activities
  • ·        liaise with members of clubs or providers of evening classes who use the school
  • ·        promote a good impression of the school to students, parents and visitors


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