Corporate Social Responsibility

Environmental CSR

Environmental Policy and Procedure training and awareness modules are presented to all operatives in initial induction training. Operatives are educated on effective resource management, waste and energy reduction methods.

We at Eco Group Services have endeavoured to deliver Environmentally Friendly solutions and high service standards. We are also accredited to ISO 14001 (Environmental Standards) and ISO 9001 (Quality Management Standards). We have developed our technical and employee quality to deliver high standards and at the same time minimising our impact on precious resources such as water. We have also minimised our use of chemicals, to help sustain our environment. This is reflected in our use of equipment and the state of the art techniques we deploy. Using equipment which is serviced and re-used, we extract the maximum benefit from this equipment, and significantly reduce our waste.

Eco Group Carbon Footprint Calculator

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Workplace Social Responsibility

The concept of the “Binless Office” is simple and efficient. It involves the removal of the under desk general waste bins, and the introduction of a “Desk Tray Recycler”, whereby all materials are placed in the tray throughout the working day. At the end of the day or when the tray is full, the tray is brought to a central recycling area and the materials in the tray are segregated into bins specific to each waste stream.

This simple to implement waste management program can reduce a businesses general waste bill by up to 20% per annum by reducing the amount of waste going to landfill and increasing the amount of segregated recyclable streams such as paper, cartridges, pens, electronic waste, computers and peripherals.

The ‘Advantages’ of the Binless Office include:

  • Significant cost Savings
  • Improved Housekeeping 
  • Less office consumables 
  • Reduced collections frequency 
  • Increased recycling rates 
  • Reduced material to landfill 
  • Overall waste minimisation as staff become more aware of the waste they generate 

The central recycling area can consist of a number of bins that are clearly labelled to indicate to the user into which bin they must place their recyclable waste. Alternatively a single unit office style cabinet could also be used, which would house separate compartments for recyclable materials such as paper, PET bottles, aluminium cans and in addition general waste. A number of smaller collection units could be introduced for materials such as household batteries.

Materials that can be catered for by the Binless Office:

  • Cardboard Only 
  • White Paper Only (Non-confidential) 
  • Mixed / Coloured Paper (Non-confidential) 
  • Confidential Paper 
  • Newspapers and Magazines 
  • Plastic Drink Bottles (PET) 
  • Aluminium Drinking Cans 
  • Plastic Rigid Polystyrene Drinking Cups 
  • Food Waste Bin (Composting) 
  • General Waste Bin