Pest Control

Ensuring a Pest Free Environment is an imperative task faced by all those involved in the preparation of food, Hospitality Industry and any business with contact with the general public. Health and Safety legislation, most specifically HACCP, dictates that all those involved in food preparation services must take an active part in pest prevention management of their premises. 

Furthermore the existence of a pest infestation will almost certainly have a detrimental effect on reputation, brand equity and ultimately financial performance of any business. A comprehensive pest management programme is the most effective way to satisfy legislative requirements and ensure a pest free environment.

Pest Management Programme

Eco Pest offer to audit, advise and provide the food and catering industry, as well as hospitality and business customers, with our strategic pest management programme. This involves a three pronged attack and defence against possible pest infestations. This programme comes in the form of Preventive Measures, Proactive Monitoring & Auditing and Reactive Treatments.

Rodent Control

Hotel rodent control services traditionally consist of an initial site audit aimed at identifying current infestations and causes, devising a strategic treatment plan and providing the customer with recommendations with regards the proofing and housekeeping. Following inspections treatments are carried out in line with specific infestations requirements. In keeping with legislation we can offer nontoxic control methods using emitter permanent monitoring. We can offer centralised pest management with real time analytics.

Bedbug Control

Hotel bedbug control services consist of an initial site audit aimed at identifying current infestations, its causes and nesting location. An initial spray treatment is carried out followed by further inspections and treatments until the infestation has been eradicated. Each technician is trained to IPCA and BPCA standards.

We also provide a comprehensive bedbug training programme and Eco Pest 360 Degree Bedbug Treatments
— Management & Staff at Eco Group Systems