Contract cleaning


Eco Group aim to improve the working environment for you, your staff and clients. Whether it is a once off office cleaning procedure or regular daily/nightly office cleaning, we ensure that everything is done to a high standard and that your office building projects positively on your business.

We have a vast range of Contract Cleaning services for the office environment. We work with many organisations of different sizes from small offices to large multinational organisations. We can cater a cleaning programme to suit your needs.

Eco Group provides the following services for our corporate clients:

• Executive Office Cleaning service

• Green Cleaning Programs

• Telephone Sanitizing

• Tile Floor Office Maintenance Programs

• Strip and Wax Tile Floor service

• Commercial Carpet Cleaning and Office Maintenance Programs

• Carpet Steam Extraction- Commercial Carpet Cleaning Service

• Carpet Dry Extraction – Commercial Carpet Cleaning Service

• Complete Restroom Sanitisation

• Light Fixture Cleaning Service

• Window Cleaning

• Wall Washing / Graffiti Removal

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Office cleaning - Viruses spread "like crazy" in an office


Viruses spread like wildfire in an average office, getting from people’s hands onto the communal coffeepot within hours and spreading from doors to desks almost instantly.

It only takes two to four hours for a virus to get off a coffee pot handle and onto a desk.

“The hand was really quicker than the sneeze in the spread of disease,” Charles Gerba of the University of Arizona in Tucson told a meeting of infectious disease experts. The office hot spot was the break room, where everyone touches the coffeepot and microwave, his team found.

The study, presented at an American Society for Microbiology shows just how viruses that cause colds, flu and other infections spread. The answer: People deposit the germs on tables, desks and coffee pots and then when others touch those objects, they pick them up.

“Every time you are touching these surfaces, you are picking up 30 to 50 percent of the organisms that are on those surfaces,” Gerba said. Then you touch your face, and the viruses can either get into the eyes nose or mouth, or get back onto your fingers. “The average adult touches their face on average once every three or four minutes,” Gerba said. For kids, it’s more on the order of every one minute.

“Every time you do that … you have the probability of transmitting disease. To make sure he was measuring new spread, Gerba and his team used a virus not usually seen in offices called MS-2.

Gerba’s team spread MS-2 on desktops, door push plates and the coffee pot handle, among other places, in two Arizona offices, one with 20 people and one with 80 people. They also swabbed people’s hands to see what germs they already had, and while doing that, they secretly deposited MS-2 on the hand of one unsuspecting person.

“It spread like crazy,” Gerba said. It didn’t really matter where they put the virus — it spread within hours from a surface like a table top or someone’s hand.

Germ experts knew this, but no one had done such a controlled study to see precisely how quickly it spread. Studies show that frequent handwashing and use of hand sanitisers and disinfectants can cut germ spread and illnesses. A specialised office cleaning service will give extra care to keyboards and phones and ensure all desks are wiped down and sanitised. A high level of hygiene is maintained in both office and washrooms which can lead to as much as a 60 percent drop in the amount of surfaces infected.

Courtesy Gerba Lab

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If you are looking to advance your career take a look at our career page. We have a number of exciting opportunities available throughout Ireland to experienced candidates. We provide cleaning services to the corporate and educational sector. We also provide HGV drivers and warehouse staff to the food manufacturing and distribution sector. Our recruitment sector also includes clients from the hospitality sector which includes 4 and 5 star hotels in Dublin

Our aim is to match the right person with the right role. You will meet with a member of our HR department who will assess your qualifications and experience and assist you in finding your ideal job. We want our staff to reach their full potential. We give you all the support you need to do your job well. Our employees are encouraged to develop their career within the company. We offer excellent rates of pay and have both full and part time hours available. We provide certified training and induction to all employees.

A sample of current vacancies

  • Warehouse operatives in the Kildare area

  • HGV drivers nation wide

  • Accommodation assistants in Dublin city

  • Hotel porters in Dublin city

  • Cleaning operatives in Dalkey

If you would like more details of any of our roles contact our HR Department @ 01 6016393

Leisure and gymnasium cleaning


Your customers expect high standards every time they visit your premises. At Eco Group Services you are guaranteed a level of service that will impress your clients from the moment they walk in the door. Our staff are trained in health and safety and manual handling. They are inducted on site and given a daily cleaning specification. A dedicated area manager ensures they have thorough knowledge of their cleaning materials and equipment. They will have scheduled site visits to audit the premises and will have regular review meetings with you.

We can assess your requirements and offer you a daily clean to communal areas and arrange your annual deep clean. We offer a range of services to all areas of your business including:

  • Cleaning and sanitising changing and shower areas

  • Sanitising sports equipment, machines and exercise mats

  • Sauna and steam rooms

  • Reception and offices

  • Café and refreshment areas

  • Washroom rentals

  • Janitorial Supplies

  • Floor Maintenance

  • Window Cleaning

  • Emergency cleaning

  • Pest Control

A member of our team would be happy to meet with you to discuss your requirements.

Event Cleaning


Event cleaning is an essential component to any event. The success of your event relies on the accuracy of the planning stages. We assist you in ensuring that everything runs smoothly, from day 1 of the event to the last guest leaving the premises. We provide event cleaning services at Christmas events, concerts, arenas, outdoor events and sports events.

We offer a complete service including pre clean and post event cleanup. Our team will meet you prior to the event to discuss your requirements. If a deep clean is required before the event on carpets, floors, windows or washrooms our team can advise you on this:

Our services include:

  • Floor cleaning

  • Window Cleaning

  • Bathroom cleaning

  • Litter picking

  • High level dusting

  • Janitorial products

  • Refuse removal

  • Ground maintenance

All our staff are specially trained for event cleaning. They undergo certified training and are inducted on site. Staff are uniformed and are professional and discrete at all times. A dedicated area manager and team leader are assigned to your event. A member of our management team will be available 24/7 should an emergency occur.

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Office cleaning


Office cleaning services are provided to our clients throughout Ireland. As recent winners of the ICCA award for office cleaning we offer our clients a service that is second to none. We understand that cleaning services are essential to your office but are not something that you want to spend your time on. We take away the admin headache. We provide professional staff who have undergone certified training with our Operations team.

Our promise to you

  • A professional and reliable service

  • Cost effective quality solutions

  • Regular site visits

  • Dedicated account manager

  • Audited site

  • Qualified staff

  • Eco friendly cleaning products

  • Serviced equipment

  • 24 hour availability - 7 days

  • Scheduled delivery service

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ICCA Award Success


The Irish Contract Cleaning Association Awards recognise the highest standards of professionalism in the contract cleaning sector and provide an opportunity for professional contract cleaning companies and stakeholders to showcase their service and standards. This year the awards were held in The Mansion House in Dublin. We were delighted to be finalists in the following categories:

 ·       Educational Buildings

·       Healthcare Non-Acute

·       Offices up to 50,000sq ft

A big congratulations to Harriet Murphy on winning the award for Offices up to 50,000 sq ft. Harriet won the award for the outstanding service she provides to her clients. Harriet has been with Eco Group Services for many years and has been instrumental in the company achieving high standards and maintaining our ISO accreditation each year. It is a testament to the high level of service achieved by our operatives, supervisors and managers that we were selected to be finalists in each category. We have previously won the same award for Office cleaning

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our staff for their commitment and service to Eco Group Services and hope we continue to grow together.

School deep clean


We are currently taking school bookings for next week. Midterm break is a good opportunity for a school deep clean. At Eco Group we can take care of all your cleaning requirements. While regular cleaning is maintained weekly, some cleaning jobs need more time and space to be done well. High-traffic and high-use areas in schools can greatly benefit from a deep clean when the school is closed. Our Industrial team operate nationwide and are specialists in school cleaning.

Our services include:

• Washroom Sanitisation

• Stripping and sealing of floors

• Window Cleaning

• Gymnasium cleaning

• Gutter cleaning

• Pest Control

We use the most advanced cleaning systems available. Where possible we use eco-friendly products. We operate to the highest standards ensuring your premises will be clean and sanitised.

Contract Cleaning

executive office.jpg

Engaging a  contract cleaning service provider can have huge benefits for your business. We have over 10 years experience in providing a professional cleaning service to hotels, corporate offices, schools, medical facilities and industrial premises.

 We ensure a high quality, cost effective cleaning service which is tailored to your business. 

We manage every aspect of the cleaning team and can provide a site supervisor. Regular audits are carried out by a dedicated area manager. You don’t have to spend time organising and supervising cleaning staff. All our staff are trained to a high standard, are professional and uniformed.

As a specialised cleaning company all our head office and support effort is focused on the management of the cleaning process.

We cover all the key areas of HR, payroll, training, operations support and contract management. There will no issues with absenteeism or organizing cover for holidays and sickness. We have a large team of backup staff and will organize a seamless changeover for you.

We can supply all equipment, materials and janitorial supplies.

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